Stay safe on buses and trains

Stay safe on buses and trains

Stay safe on buses and trains

Recently there have been a number of incidents were teenage girls have been assaulted on public transport, one on a bus in Qld and a train in NSW.

If you regularly use public transport, buses or trains I strongly advise you to take some self defence training, it could save your life. If you have daughters that use public transport encourage them to get some training, it will help you to sleep better at night.

If you are using buses or trains here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim.

1. When you get onto a bus or train look around sit beside or near other women.

2. If you are sitting alone, sit near the aisle, if a male wants to sit beside you, stand up and let them sit by the window.

3. If they suggest that you move over politely refuse stand up and let them sit by the window, you stay seated nearest to the aisle.

4. If you feel uncomfortable move away, stand if you have to.

5. If a male sitting beside you touches you, say something loudly embarrass them, such as “hey stop touching me", they will likely stop at get off at the first opportunity, don’t be embarrassed to make them look bad.

6. If you are on a train make sure that you are in a compartment with other people, especially at night, if you are not, move to another carriage.

7. Learn how to execute a descending hammer fist strike, it is a simple and effective move.

8. If you don’t have any training, make a fist and imagine you have  a hammer and you are striking into the other person in the groin with the underside (the side away from your thumb) of your fist.

9. If you are standing a kick or knee to the groin is another simple and effective move as the girl in the NSW story did. (Link 1)

10. Report the person/incident as soon as possible.



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