Penrith Self Defence Videos


What Could You Do Now?

This page contains a number of short videos showing some options training at Penrith RBSD can provide if you are confronted by an attacker.  The videos are designed to illustrate the type of training conducted at Penrith RBSD. Train with us and YOU will be able to defend yourself in these situations and many others.

We strongly recommend that you do not use the videos as a substitute for actual training. The self defence tactics shown in the videos need to practiced to be effective. Click on the pictures to see the video or go to our YouTube page to see all the videos YouTube - Penrith RBSD

In the first few seconds of an attacker a disciplined and trained reaction to the suddenness of the attack decides who prevails, who is injured, who lives and who dies. Don't leave your personal safety and the safety of those you care about to chance, join Penrith RBSD today.


We recommend that Escape is preferable to confrontation, however sometimes you don't have a choice.

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Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts

Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts