Rules & Etiquette


Although Bukido Kai is a modern Australian Martial Art, we still follow Martial Art tradition and etiquette.

The following are some of the basic rules and etiquette. You can click on any of the highlighted words to find their meaning.

A line up and bow in/out is conducted at the start and end of each class, move quickly into position when the line up is called.

All Bukido Black and Brown belts are to wear full Gi and belt during the line up and bow in/out. All graded students are encouraged to do the same.

Upon attending for the first time complete a membership form.

All fees should be paid in the first week of each term or after the two free lessons.

Students with fees not paid will not be permitted to participate in classes or gradings.

Payment plans may be arranged if needed and should be organised prior to the start of each term.

Minimum uniform requirement: Club T Shirt is required to be worn after one month of attending classes.

No smoking, drinking, or illegal substances are permitted within the training hall.

No person is allowed to train whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Students should not train whilst under the influence of any medication which may effect performance.

Students should not train when sick. Recover then return to training, it’s safer for you and others.

Remove all jewellery, rings, watches, necklaces, etc

During training give your full attention to the instructor.

If you have questions or do not understand anything, ask the instructor without disturbing the entire class.

Unless you are the instructor of the class or a component of the training session, do not provide instruction or advice to others unless asked.

Students should always be presented with clothing clean and in good repair.

Singlets, aerobic crop tops etc if worn should be of a sturdy construction so as to be resistant during self defence training.

As training often involves working with a partner, special attention should be given to personal hygiene; deodorant/antiperspirant should be worn at all times.

It is a sign of respect that during class, instructors are addressed by their correct titles, Sensei, Renshi or Shihan.

Mobile phones should be switched off during class. If you think that it's ok to have your mobile phone ring and then go and answer it in the middle of the class, you have come to the wrong place!! Of course if you need to keep you phone on as a result of family or other pressing need, advise your instructor prior to the start of the class. If you receive a call of this nature during class go outside and take the call without disturbing the class.

Students who wish to participate in sparring must have completed the sparring consent form and have all the correct sparring equipment. Check the fees and cost page for details and prices of sparring equipment.

Under no circumstance should you represent yourself as a Bukido Kai black belt or instructor unless you have earned that rank or position. This rank or position is only applicable whilst you are training with Bukido Kai.

Under no circumstances should you use any of the Bukido symbols or logos (including but not limited to the circular Bukido Kai symbol with red triangles, the dragons, the Bukido Kai Kanji) in any form without the permission of the Chief Instructor.

An atmosphere of respect and co-operation is important within the training hall. The only competition is within you. A friendly atmosphere promotes learning and makes the training more enjoyable.

Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts

Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts