Pulled over by an unmarked Police car and not sure what to do?

Pulled over by an unmarked Police car and not sure what to do?

Pulled over by an unmarked Police car and not sure what to do?

There are often reports of people, usually men impersonating police officers and pulling drivers over for no apparent reason, this can be very dangerous depending on the intention and motivation of the person involved.

So if you are pulled over by an unmarked police car and you don't know what to do, we suggest the following especially in a darkened or isolated area.

1. If you believe that you have done nothing wrong and you are unsure if the vehicle is a police car, drive at a normal speed to the nearest police station or call 000 and report the situation. They should be able to ascertain if it is a real police car.
2. If you do not know where the police station is drive to a well-lit area where other people may be present, a service station or shopping centre are good options.
2. If you pull over do not get out of the car and keep the engine running if things don't seem right drive off at normal speed.  Do not speed or try to out run the car.
3. Open the window slightly and talk to the person.
4. Request to see the person's ID. If you have never seen a NSW Police ID badge, this is what it should look like. (This is a movie prop)

Police id

5. If you are still unsure politely ask the person/officer what you have done, their full name and rank and where they are stationed.
6. If you are still unsure, provide your name and driver's licence number, that will be enough for genuine police to check, do not hand over the driver licence at this stage.

7. Record the incident on your phone including as much footage of the person and the vehicle as possible and try to record the number plate and full description.
8. Report the matter as soon as possible.
9. Get some personal safety training there are a lot of strange people out there.

Other things to look out for

1. Police will normally be driving a late model car; however that is not always the case with undercover officers.
2. They should be armed, however plain clothes and undercover police usually have their firearms out of sight.
3. Police don't usually work alone especially in plain clothes and in unmarked cars however this is not a guarantee that the person is not a real police officer.
4. Police officers have been known to pull over drivers off duty; however this will only occur if you have done something wrong.

Remember is also better to be safe, if it doesn't feel right listen to that little voice

The author of this post, Phil O’Brien is a solicitor with Sydney firm Teddington Legal and a martial arts instructor who has taught reality based self defence in Western Sydney for the past twenty five years, he has extensively studied both the physical and psychological elements of self defence.

Should you require the services of a solicitor in regard to the use of self defence or any other legal matters, Phil can be contacted at phil@teddintonlegal.com.au or via www.teddingtonlegal.com.au or directly on 0409 078 322


This is general information only; it does not replace advice from a qualified solicitor in your state or territory.  It is recommended that should require legal advice you should seek advice from a suitability qualified and experience legal practitioner in your state.

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