Proof: Becoming a victim is a matter of choice!

Proof: Becoming a victim is a matter of choice!

The victim in this report made 3 critical choices

1. She choose to withdraw money from an ATM at night.

2. She choose to use an ATM that required her to walk though a shopping centre car park at night.

3. At 58 years old she choose to refuse the demand for cash made by a man armed with a golf club.

She was then bashed and robbed!

These are the choices she could have made:

1. Choose to plan you day so you don't have to use an ATM at night.  There are many other ways to pay for good, debit cards, credit cards etc.

2. If you must use an ATM at night choose to plan ahead, use a machine that you can park next to so you can get straight into your car and lock the door.

3. If possible have someone come with you.

4. If you are confronted by an armed attacker, give the money up, it's not worth dying for!

Here is some other advice when using ATMs

1. Learn to use the ATM quickly, practice your PIN on a calculator.

2. Try to avoid using ATMs at night or in deserted locations. Plan ahead, get the money out when it's safer.

3. Always have a good look around before using the machine, if you see someone or something that just isn't right, listen to that little voice and get the money out later.

4. After you have keyed in the info required look around again, the more aware you appear the less like a victim you look.

5. When you receive your money put it in your pocket, bag etc. Don't go walking along head down counting fifties.  If you need to count the money do it in a secure location where you can't be viewed by a potential attacker.

6. Always ensure that you retain your card and receipt.

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