Origins of Bukido Kai

Bukido was founded by Shihan Phil O'Brien LLB, BA (psychology) in 1995.

Bukido came about as a result of Shihan Phil's desire to maintain and develop the principles of reality based martial arts he had learnt from Australian martial arts legend and Reality Based Self Defence pioneer Shihan Tom Slaven and had developed during years in the law enforcement and security industries. For more information and photos of Tom Slaven click here

Bukido is always changing and growing, in addition to it's past, present day Bukido is the result of the following;

  • Ongoing studies and research in the areas of reality based martial arts and street effective self defence - Shihan Phil is a foundation member of the Australian Combat Coalition.
  • Law: Self Defence & the Law: Your rights and responsibilities - Shihan Phil is a practicing solicitor with a degree in Law from the University of Western Sydney.
  • Psychology, psychological self defence and the psychology of street confrontation - Shihan Phil holds a BA degree from the University of Western Sydney with majors in psychology and sociology.
  • Law Enforcement techniques - Shihan Phil is a consultant Instructor with the International Police Defensive Tactics Association.

The training is structured to give students the most comprehensive knowledge of practical self defence. Street effective self defence is a combination of techniques, power, speed, fitness and psychology.

Whilst many martial arts and self defence school such as Karate, Tae-Kwondo, Kung Fu, etc  teach these elements in some form, Bukido teaches street readiness and street survival.

At Bukido Kai the emphasis is placed upon learning at your own pace and making the training safe, interesting, enjoyable and enlightening. This ensures that your progress is as fast as possible, but equally as important, the classes are fun.

For classes time and locations check our Timetable or Maps.

Bukido has three mottos.

Firstly: Mind, Body & Spirit:
Bukido develops a strong Mind; a healthy fit Body and an indomitable Spirit.

The second motto is Conceive, Believe, Achieve:
Conceive the idea, Believe in yourself, Achieve all that you want out of life.

The third motto is Sweat in Training and leave the Blood and Tears to those who say "It won't happen to me".


Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts

Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts