Confidence is Stronger than a Punch – Bukido Kai Kid’s Karate……Now enrolling, limited places ages 5-15 years…. Class: Wednesday 6pm to 7.30pm……First lesson FREE


Martial Arts for Kid's from 5 to 15 years.

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Give Your Child the Gifts of:

The ‘Fit Kids & Safe Kids’ Martial Art Programs.

Improved health, fitness & self-confidence.

The awareness skills to spot trouble before it's to late.

The ability to defend themselves.

A fun and rewarding activity.


The major components of the Bukido Kai Kid’s system are;

'Kid's Karate'.
'Safe Kids' Martial Art program.
'Fit Kids' Martial Art program.

The 'Safe Kids' Martial art program has been designed to teach and increase children's awareness and
to give them the skills they may need to deal with approaches or attacks by anyone especially adults wishing to harm them.

The three basic components of 'Safe Kids' are
If you are approached or attacked by someone

1. STEP BACK (Away from grabbing, punching, kicking range).
2. ESCAPE (Always run to safety, not just away from danger).
3. TELL SOMEONE (Mum or Dad, a teacher, other trusted adults).

The 'Fit Kids' Martial Art program has been designed to improve children's health and fitness
whilst at the same time developing self-confidence and providing an alternative to anti social behaviours.

'Fit Kids' involves training in martial art and self defence basics whilst at the same time engaging in physical activities
designed to promote and improve over health and fitness, co-ordination, gross motor skills, balance, flexibility and general well being.


Kid's classes, Ages 5 to 11 years.

 Kid's classes 2013 - Lapstone Public School Wednesday 6pm - 7pm

The purpose of the Kids Karate classes is;

  • To have lots of FUN
  • To teach basic to advanced level karate techniques
  • To teach stranger danger and the 'Safe Kids' program.
  • To improve self-confidence.
  • To increase fitness
  • To improve motor skills
  • To encourage social interaction skills.


Kids Karate is a fun activity fun with basic karate, games and exercise. In addition kid's karate

  • Promotes self discipline.
  • Teaches children to work within a group.
  • Improvements in concentration, which we have found has lead to an improvement in school work and health.
  • This class is 1 hour in duration.



TEENAGERS, Ages 12 to 15 years.

The teenagers classes are based on street level self defence combining elements from a number of different martial arts such as Kickboxing, Boxing, Kung Fu, 'Hapkido', 'Aikido' and Karate in a street effective format.


This is the next level of class, designed to further develop karate and self defence skills. Continued emphasis is placed upon

  • Having FUN
  • Teaching more advanced karate and self defence techniques.
  • Improving awareness and observations skills and the 'Safe Kids' program.
  • Improving self-confidence.
  • Increasing fitness
  • Encouraging social interaction as an alternative to anti social behaviour.


In addition the teenagers classes;

  • Promotes self discipline.
  • Improvements in concentration, which we have found has lead to an improvement in school work and health.
  • The class is 90 minutes in duration
Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts

Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts