Jet Black

Jet Black Program 2019

The 2019 Jet Black Program is now open and taking enrolments.

Would you like to earn a black belt in a Reality Based Street Effective Martial Art system?
Would you like be part of a program that will give you the skills to make you an elite black belt?
Are you the type of person who enjoys a challenge?
Have you previously trained in Martial Arts?*
Are you a physically fit person who regularly trains in a gym, at home or with a trainer?
Do you have experience in the military or law enforcement?*

If the answer to any of those questions is Yes to two or more of these questions, then the Bukido 'Jet Black' Program 2019 is for you.

* Previous martial art, military or law enforcement experience is not essential.

The 'Jet Black' is an intensive program that involves training in class on a regular basis and attendance at advanced training days, grading and training camps. The Jet Black grading will be held around December 2019.

If you are a previously graded Bukido you will be restored to your previous grade upon joining the 'Jet Black' program.

In the 'Jet Black' program you will learn;

Martial Art Techniques from beginner to advanced level.
Street effective reality based self defence techniques.
Weapons training.
Weapons disarming training.
Combat mindset training.
Advanced awareness training.

If you are currently training in a martial art system or school - traditional, sports based or any other system we welcome you to cross train with us. You do not have to leave your current school to be part of the 'Jet Black' 2019 program.


If you would like to be part of the program or would like more information please contact us. Email Us Now

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