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If you are thinking about taking up a martial art but have some doubts please read this page and if you have any other questions do not hesitate to call us. Please remember that everyone had their 'first class' it is nothing to be apprehensive about.

We understand that some people may be nervous about attending for the first time, that's why we have friendly instructors who will welcome you to the class, ensure you understand how things work and then assist and supervise you during the class.


Q. I have never done any sort of self defence or martial art before, is the adult class suitable for me?

A. Yes. As a beginner you will have a black belt instructor with you for the first few weeks to teach the basic techniques and anything else that the class is doing and to supervise your fitness training to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and you don’t over do it. After the first couple of weeks you will then integrate into the main body of the class. Most classes have 3-4 instructors on the floor at any time so you will have plenty of help to learn the techniques and answer any questions you have.

Q. I haven’t done any fitness training for a long time, is the adult class suitable for me?

A. If you have any concerns about your health you should consult your doctor before starting training. As far as the classes go, we advise everyone to work at their own pace and to build up their fitness slowly. In the first few weeks you will have an instructor closely supervising your fitness training. Once you integrate into the main body of the class, the instructors will continue to supervise your fitness training.

Q. I have never done this sort of thing before, I don’t want to feel out of place or look stupid?

A. Everyone has their first class, you will find that the instructors and other students are friendly and welcoming. Nothing is expected of you and no one will be making judgements, Penrith Self Defence is a classes that is conducted in a friendly non-intimidating manner where ego is NOT an issue.

Q. Is self defence or martial art training expensive?

A. It can be, some clubs charge very high fees, however at Bukido we try and keep our fees reasonable so that anyone can afford to learn how to defend themselves. For adults that works out as little as less than $7.00 per class and children as little as $6.00 per week. Also our adult classes go for 1.5 hours so you get much better value for money compared to some classes that last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Q. Is the class suitable for women?

A. Yes, at least 40-50% of students are female.

Q. What do I need to bring or wear for my first class?

A. Other then some water you do not need to bring anything. Wear a t-shirt and track pants or shorts and something on your feet such as joggers as we train with shoes on.

Q. How do I join?

A. Click here for information about how to Join Penrith Self Defence & Bukido martial Arts

Q. What sort of martial art is Bukido Kai?

A. Bukido Kai is reality based freestyle martial art. That means we use anything and everything so long as it works in a real life street situation. It also means that we are flexible to cater for all ages, fitness levels.

Q. I am 50, am I to old to start martial art training?

A. Not at all, consider this, are you to old to be attacked? Are you to old to give up on being fit? Are you to old to enjoy an interesting and fun activity? Are you to old to meet new people and make new friends? If you are not to old for those things what are you waiting for?

Q. I am a female and am quiet small and light weight, would self defence training be of any use to me?

A. Firstly an attacker won’t care if you are female and a small build, in fact it may attract them to you. Self defence training can be of use to anyone. “There is a saying that the bigger they are, the hard they fall”, I prefer, “The bigger they are, the less likely they are to get knocked over” So in answer to your question, YES, self defence training would be useful for you, in addition you will get fitter, have some fun and meet some new friends.

Q. I have a disability which will effect what I can and can’t do in training?

A. Bukido is flexible, I suggest that you contact us and discuss your situation. The past we have had many students who have been able to do one thing or another, the solution is for example, if you can’t kick then punch.

Q. How often should I come to class?

A. That is up to the individual, but we suggest if you wish to become efficient and confident with self defence, then attend class twice a week.

Q. Is Reality Based Self Defence or Bukido hard to learn?

A. No. With training and persistence you will be able to learn Bukido techniques. Being street based the techniques are simple and effective and not hard to learn.

Q. From what age do you have classes for kids?

A. Kids classes start from age 7 For more details about our kids programs click here

Q. What does reality based self defence mean?

A. Reality based self defence means that what you do in training will actually work in a real life situation. The training is designed to be actually used if you have to, rather than just for sport or for show.

Q. What do I need to buy?

A. Initially nothing, however after training for one month you will be expected to wear a Bukido Kai T shirt during class. We also suggest that if you like the classes and wish to continue, you purchase some punching gloves which cost between $18 – $26 and men we also suggest you purchase a groin guard.

Q. Do I have to buy a uniform?

A. No. The uniform is designed for training and is not expensive around $40.00 but you don’t have to buy one unless you wish to attend a grading. We suggest that if you wish to buy a uniform wait a while to ensure that you like training with us and intend on staying.

Q. Do I have to go to gradings and wear a belt?

A. No. Grading is up to the individual. However each grading is a challenge and gives you a great sense of satisfaction on completion. Also grading gives you a tangible result for your efforts. If you train in class for three to four years you would have the same level of proficiency as a provisional black belt. If you had never graded you would have nothing to show for all your efforts.

Q. How long will it take me to become good at self defence?

A. That depends on YOU. Competency comes from practice. If you want self defence to work for you it needs to become instinctive. The more you come to class to learn and practice the better you will become.

Q. How long will it take me to get to black belt?

A. On average it takes around 3 years to attain the rank of Shodan in the adult system. It is longer in the kid’s system depending on the age when the child starts training. We do offer the Jet Black accelerated program, however the program is intense, the training your receive in nine months on the Jet Black program is equivalent to 3 years of normal training in class.

Q. Do I have to get involved in full contact sparring?

A. Sparring which is restricted contact controlled by a series of strict rules is completely VOLUNTARY. If you wish to spar you will be made fully aware of all the rules and the level of contact that is allowable. If you wish to spar you must also have a number of items of protective equipment. Your training or grading progression will not be effected if you choose not to spar.

Q. Do I have to learn Japanese or Chinese to understand what is going on in the class?

A. No. In the self defence component we don’t use Japanese of Chinese terminology. In the Bukido component we use the occasional Japanese terms such as instructor titles however the use of Japanese terminology is kept to a minimal. For a list of terms used in Bukido Kai please click here.

Q. What is the best martial art?

A. It would be easy to say that Bukido Kai is the best martial art, but in truth the best martial art for anyone is the one that they feel comfortable with. Many styles or systems of martial art have worthwhile things to offer.

If you are looking for a reality based and street effective self defence, Bukido Kai has been developed over many years of actual street level experience and is second to none in this area. Check the reality based page for more information on reality based self defence.

It is wise to shop around and choose a martial art that suits you and meets your needs. Some martial arts are self defence and street based whilst others concentrate on the sport and tournament angle. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions to satisfy any doubts that you may have, professional and competent instructors will welcome your interest.

Q. What should I look for when choosing a martial art.

A. Each person has different needs and desires for their martial art training. As I said in the previous answer shop around, but here are some guidelines.

Watch one or two classes, see what is being done.

Decide what sort of martial art or self defence system you want. If you want a reality based system, that is you really want to learn to defend yourself check out reality based self defence page and see if the class you are watching fits the criteria.

Find out what martial art experience the instructor has.
If the style claims to be a street effective system, find out what reality based experience the instructor actually has.

Ensure that the instructor and club are members of legitimate, government accredited bodies.
Ensure that the instructor has all the necessary accreditation to be an instructor.

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions to satisfy any doubts that you may have, professional and competent instructors will welcome your interest.


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