You don’t have to be a victim!!

You don’t have to be a victim!!

You don't have to be a victim, you can defend yourself

The latest attack reported by NSW Police Media. This could have been much worse. Don't let this happen to you or someone you care about.

1. Always be aware of your surrounding and who is around you especially at night.

2. Your personal space is as far as you can see in all directions.

3. If you have a routine, for example you always walk home along certain street, ensure that you know where the escape routes are, where locations of safety are and if there is anything along the way that could assist you if you are attacked, for example shops and or houses, always occupied where you can find help, weapons such as items always left in certain garden along the way.

4. If you are walking, walk away from the roadway. Always walk toward on coming traffic.

5. If you are walking at night, ensure that you are aware of everything thing or person within at least 100 metres.  Who cares if looking around makes you seem paranoid.

6. If you think that you are being followed take some form of evasive action, for example speed up, cross to the other side of the street, turn around and walk the opposite direction and then  observe what your suspected follower does.

7. If they continue to follow you and you feel comfortable, stop and say "Are you following me", if they say "yes" , well at least you know. If they say "no" and then move on, remain aware and alert.

8. If you are approached by someone and that inner alarm goes off, take evasive action, move to the other side of the street, speed up, change direction.

9. If you walk at night consider purchasing and carrying a Maglite style torch. These powerful torches can be purchased at various places and even the small ones are bright enough to stun a potential attacker when shone into the eyes giving you enough time to escape.  The larger models also double nicely as a baton.

10. Undertake Awareness training such as 'Train Your Brain'

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