At Bukido Martial Art and Penrith Self Defence we conduct a wide variety of classes to suit all age groups and all fitness levels from kid's to adults, beginners to advanced level.


Reality Based Self Defence

Street effective Reality Based self Defence combined with Martial Arts and fitness training.

This class combines techniques from a wide variety of martial art that have been 'field tested' and will work in a street situation. This class for up to 2 hours.

The class is suitable for beginner to advanced level participants.


Advanced Training

Advanced training is held for senior students on a regular basis often in seminar format. Advanced training include training and testing in technique, self defence, fitness and also include elements from C.R.T (Combat Reality Training) & S.P.A.R (Spontaneous Reaction And Response)



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The major components of the Bukido Kai Kid�s system are;

'Kid's Karate'
'Safe Kids' Self Defence program
'Fit Kids' Martial Art program

The 'Safe Kids' self defence program has been designed to teach and increase children's awareness and to give them the skills they may need to deal with approaches or attacks by anyone especially adults wishing to harm them.

The three basic components of 'Safe Kids' are
If you are approached or attacked by someone

1. STEP BACK (Away from grabbing, punching, kicking range).
2. ESCAPE (Always run to safety, not just away from danger).
3. TELL SOMEONE (Mum or Dad, a teacher, other trusted adults).

The 'Fit Kids' Martial Art program has been designed to improve children's health and fitness whilst at the same time developing self-confidence and providing an alternative to anti social behaviours.

'Fit Kids' involves training in martial art and self defence basics whilst at the same time engaging in physical activities designed to promote and improve over health and fitness, co-ordination, gross motor skills, balance, flexibility and general well being.


Kid's classes, Ages 7 to 11 years

Wednesday (6pm to 7pm)


Older kids &Teenagers 12 to15 years

Wednesday (6pm to 7:30pm)

The teenagers classes are based on street level self defence combining elements from a number of different martial arts such as kickboxing, boxing, kung fu, 'Hapkido', 'Aikido' and karate in a street effective format.

This class include, fitness work, strength conditioning and team building.
This class last for 1 hour.


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Please Note:

Regardless of what class you attend, you should always remember, work at your own pace; build up the intensity slowly to ensure a safe and steady improvement in overall health and fitness.

Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts

Penrith Self Defence & Bukido Martial Arts