Bukido Kai: Bushido Grading


Bushido means 'Way of the Warrior'.  In Bukido, Bushido signifies the strength, discipline and determination required to pass the black belt test. The Bushido Gradings are where prospective black belts are tested in the three elements of Bukido Kai, Mind, Body and Spirit.

There are two distinct types of Bushido grading within the Bukido Kai system, known as the Mid-Year Bushido and Bushido CRT.

The mid-year Bushido is held over a weekend in June, commencing on Saturday morning and concluding on Sunday afternoon.

The Bushido CRT grading is held over the long week end in October, usually commencing at 7pm on Thursday night at Jamisontown and then recommencing on Friday night at Colo Heights and concluding on the following Monday. (please place a link to the Bushido CRT page)

Both of the mid-year Bushido and Bushido CRT are also open to all students who wish to take the challenge. For students who are part of the Bukido grading system both camps consist of a double grading up to but not including black belt.  Black belts only grade once per year,

For a description and photos of a typical Bushido CRT Grading click here

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