Bushido C.R.T : Combat Reality Training



Overview of a typical CRT camp

Bushido is a Japanese term that means 'Way of the Warrior'. Bushido signifies the strength, discipline and determination required to survive the ultimate test of mind body and spirit.

CRT stands for Combat Reality Training. CRT is all about mindset, it is about getting the job done despite any hardship, about never giving up about staying in control in stressful situations. It is about the spirit of Conceive believe Achieve and Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. CRT will not only teach you fast effective combat tested martial art techniques it will also help you to develop the combat mindset, to be ready for anything, to react fast and hard, to get the job done, stay safe and to protect yourself and those you care about.

The Bushido CRT grading is an elite black belt grading were prospective black belts are tested in the three elements of Bukido Kai, Mind, Body and Spirit. The Bushido CRT training camp is held over the long weekend in October. Bushido CRT participants are told to be ready for anything, react and overcome whatever is thrown at them during the course of the CRT weekend.

Since 2009 Bushido CRT has consisted 2 distinct strands, Full Physical or Instructor Strand.

Full Physical - Consists of Hard Physical Training for 4 days, the ultimate test of mind, body and spirit.

Instructor - Participants taking part in the Instructor strand CRT focus on Instructing & teaching technique, self defence, weapons during the course of CRT. Whilst still training hard participants do not take part in all the HPT (Hard Physical Training) components of CRT. Black belts 1st Dan and above who are teaching or planning to commence teaching are eligible to complete the Instructor strand for each of the provisional rankings from Nidan Ho (provisional 2nd Dan).

Bushido CRT is open to people from outside the Bukido system who want to challenge themselves and find out if they can survive the ultimate boot camp.

Bushido CRT is run along disciplined military lines and is the hardest test that you will find outside the military or Para-military. Bushido CRT is conducted at the Colo Heights training facility.


The facility consists of:

The Hall: At times the small hall is the only refuge from the rain and is also the venue as part of the grinder circuit for self defence training, weapons training, weapons defence training and counter sexual assault training for the female participants. The hall is also for fitness & strength training. The hall contains a small kitchen where participants prepare their own meals.

The Grinder: A permanent HPT (Hard Physical Training) circuit set up in the hall and compound outside the hall, students spend many hours in the grinder working all part of the body to failure in cardio and muscle conditioning workouts.

The Cage: A tennis court surrounded by a high wire fence which was using for High Intensity Interval Training, weapons training, and endurance kicking. The cage is also the home of 'misery' a block of concrete which weighs somewhere in the region of 60kgs, although misery loves company the CRT participants always seem less than enthusiastic about carrying misery around the court.

The Oval: A large oval used for running, HPT, the Assault Course and general training.

The Road: A semi graded track which runs downhill into the bush, useful for running up and down.

The River: The Colo river, used for training on the sand and in the water.

The Assault Course: A timed course where participants undertake various activities. Click CRT Assault Course


The venue also includes male and female toilets, but there are no showers or other home comforts.
Participants on CRT sleep in tents, bring and prepare their own meals in the kitchen and generally 'rough it' for four days.

As you read this page you may wonder WHY would anyone want to put themselves through this?

For each person the answer will be different but on the whole it is the challenge. Most people in their daily lives do not face a challenge that will test them to the limit physically, mentally and emotionally, Bushido CRT will do this. At the completion of a Bushido all those who attend are stronger in many ways and have an enormous sense of achievement.


A typical timetable for a Bushido CRT training camp is:

Thursday: training 7pm to 10.30pm.


Colo Heights

Friday: Training: 8pm to 2am.
Saturday: Training 5am to 2am.
Sunday: Training 6am to midnight.
Monday: Training 6am to 4pm.


All CRT participants carry the following equipment at all times:

* A back pack containing all their training equipment & sparring equipment.
* Weapons training equipment.
* 1 strike shield
* Water and anything else they would need for hard physical exercise.
* At times when away from the camp site participants also carry enough food to last them.


During the course of the camp participants train on average of between 56 - 60 hours from Friday night to Monday afternoon (Including meal breaks). On the Saturday some of the training is conducted at the Colo river, in addition to their training equipment participants carry food and water supplies for the day.

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Do you have what it takes to be a part of the ultimate Boot Camp challenge? Are you Fit enough, Strong enough and Tough enough?

You are invited to take part in a fitness and martial art boot camp, the ultimate challenge of mind, body and spirit to be held over the long weekend in October each year. No previous martial art experience is required to attend. For those with MA training it will be an experience like no other, 4 days, 3 nights, over 55 hours of hard physical training in boot camp style including - fitness, martial art, reality based self defence, weapons, strength and conditioning, weapons disarming, advanced awareness training.

This is not an hour on a Sunday morning or a visit to the gym for some cardio, this is hard core unrelenting training. Rain, hail or shine, day and night the training never stops.

Participants must be over 18 years of age. If you are fit there is no upper age limit.

For more information about how you can attend this ultimate boot camp challenge and for costs, venue details and what you need to bring etc please refer to the person who told you about this camp or contact us (please place a link)

If you are a personal trainer or MA instructor and would like your clients or students to attend contact us for the trainer information pack and details about how you can attend free of charge.

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