Is becoming a victim a matter of Choice? Part 2.

Is becoming a victim a matter of Choice? Part 2.

One of the web sites I check on a regular basis (every day) is the NSW Police media site:

Every day I read articles such as a teenagers being stabbed at a Penrith shopping centre

or a man attacked as he walked along a street in the early hours of the morning:

or a woman being indecently assaulted:

or two teenage girls indecently assaulted in one day not that far from one another or the highly publicised brawl in Kings Cross which lasted quiet some time, eventually Police arrived and arrested people but it was only due to the attackers lack of actual ability that no one was seriously injured.

I could go on and on. What I never see on the NSW Police media site is a story that goes like this:

"Today Police arrested a person in the act of committing an assault, a robbery, a sexual assault",

why is that?

1. There are not enough Police to be everywhere.

2. Police are re-active, they are there after the incident, after they have been called, and sometimes it's a long wait.

3. I am not sure if this is just me, but I just don't see Police patrolling anymore, why is that?

4. This isn't about bagging Police, but every morning they devote at least 2 cars and 2 motor bikes to patrolling the M2 when traffic is moving at an average of 20kph. Surely these resources would be better off being deployed in pro-active units as they were in the 80's era of zero tolerance policing (a policy which was never officially recognised and would be denied).

So knowing that the chances of Police intervening if you are attacked is non existent, you can make the following choices:

1. Go out.
2. Stay home.

Now before you start with the "I have my rights", "I should be able to go out without getting attacked", "I shouldn't have to change my life because of what other people might want to do" 

WAKE UP, it's 2012, there are people out there that don't care about your rights.
Here is an interesting article written by Professor Paul Wilson

So you choose to go out,  now you also have choices

1. Choose to adopt an attitude of it "wont happen to me." Do you take that attitude with car insurance, home insurance?

2. Choose to consider that "although the law of averages says it probably won't happen to me, everyday it happens to someone, so why not me?"

3. Choose to be pro-active and do something about being able to protect yourself and those you care about.

Having choosen go out, where ever you go there are going to be other people.  99% of those people are decent law abiding citizens just like you, but there is the other 1%. If you meet that 1% you still have some choices:

1. Choose to use you Awareness skills to detect and help you avoid a potentially dangerous situation, that is of course if you made the CHOICE to learn and practice those skills.

2. If confronted choose to comply, money and possession can be replaced, your life, health and safety can't, this would be time when you are regretting not choosing to develop the awareness skills that may have help you to detect and avoid this dangerous situation.

3. Choose to use your self defence skills, including de-escalation, preparation and physical skills - that is of course if you made theCHOICE to learn and practice those skills.

I only recommend using physical self defence skills as your last resort. Having said that not all attackers give you the choice to comply, at times it is straight into the physical assault.

You don't have to go to the Police media site to read, hear or see reports about people being attacked, robbed, raped and murdered, every time you watch the TV news or open a newspaper or read the online news there are the reports so you cannot say, "I didn't know that there were people out there who would attack me."

You have the CHOICE. I have on a number of occasions been in situations where an attack is imminent, I have observed the difference in the trained and untrained reaction to impending violence and have seen the following

The trained.

1. Awareness switched to high.

2. Avoidance of the situations.

3. When avoidance is no an option is have seen preparation, physical positioning, stance, balance, hand positioning.

4. Mental preparation, getting into the combat mindset

5. Fast, decisive, effective self defence.

The untrained.

1. Victim!! Didn't see it coming, didn't know what to do, injured or worse.

So you have the CHOICE but remember, the choice you make may have consequences, not only for you but for you whole family.

Could you family, employment or your business survive if you suffered a major depression or a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of your being involved in a traumatic incident such as being assaulted, injured, robbed or worse.

How would your family, your employment or your business be affected if it happened to a member of your family.

Studies show that victims of trauma are significantly more likely to develop PTSD, major depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social phobia and agoraphobia.

Recently it was reported in the media that a bus driver was awarded over $300,000.00 as compensation after he was assaulted while working.  This might be a large amount of money but will it compensate him for suffering anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts and being unable to work, losing his wife and his home i doubt it!! The report is here

In the final wash up the CHOICE is yours.  I have highlighted the words Choice and Choose to illustrate how many CHOICES you have.

Don't be the person lying in the gutter wondering why me, you had the CHOICE.

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