Awareness Self Protection Training

Awareness Self Protection Training

Awareness Self Protection Training - So, in the light of recent terrorist attacks the advice is Run, Hide, Tell.
We prefer Detect, React, Protect, Survive

Run, Hide and Tell is good advice if you have the chance, but now people are being killed as they walk on street or sit in a restaurant eating a meal, how do you combat this, there may be a time when you don't have the chance to run and hide?

Self protection starts with Awareness and then the ability to react and effectively respond and finally if you have no choice the ability to fight back hard and fast.

The Train Your Brain CD program is a program has been designed to help you understand the 80% of self-protection that is mental/psychological and in doing so raise your self-defence skills to help you avoid becoming a victim.

Awareness Self protection Training

In addition to self-defence advice, the program contains two conditioning programs; the first is an awareness program, which is designed to raise your level of awareness to give you much better chance of spotting and avoiding trouble.  The second program will teach you how to understand and react to what is going on around you in a confrontation or dangerous situation.

There are five key elements to self protection
Processing of what you see and hear
The Train Your Brain program will teach you how to master the first 4 elements, the fifth element comes from actual physical training.

Don't have the time or ability to attend a self defence class?
Don't want to be involved with belts, traditional, bowing and uniforms, but want to learn real life self defence?

Watch this space, in July 2017. we are launching a new concept in downloadable self protection classes that you do do in your own home at a time to suit you.

In these uncertain times, everyone needs self protection skills. Self protection is 80% psychological, now is the time to learn to protect yourself.

Order now: Hard copy CD - $19.90 includes postage and handling.

Downloadable version - $14.95.

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Awareness self protection training


If you live in Western Sydney and want to be able defend yourself and those you care about join us now -  street effective reality based self defence training - Detect, React, Protect, Survive

No belts, no uniforms, no grading* just Tactical Response Training:
Awareness, Fight fitness, Self Defence, Hard target neutralisation

*You can still be part of the grading system if you wish to.

Contact us for details, or live in the hope that it won’t ever happen to you.

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