How to avoid being assaulted in pubs and clubs

How to avoid being assaulted in pubs and clubs

Police have charged a man after an alleged glassing assault at a club on the Central Coast on Tuesday.

At about 5.45pm (Tuesday 15 April 2014), a 51-year-old man was in a club on the Central Coast (NSW), when he allegedly became involved in an argument with a younger man 35.  The younger man allegedly picked up a schooner glass and smashed it against the back of the older man’s head, before walking away. More details check the link at the bottom of this page.

What can we learn from this;

1. Respect for each other is non existent.
2. Some people have no hesitation using a weapon such as a glass in these sorts of assault incidents.
3. The attacker obviously had no regard for the other man's age or the consequences of his actions.
4. If you are male do not fall victim to the one the biggest killers of men aged between 18-35 MPS - Male Pride Syndrome.

Being assaulted in this situation can happen in an instance.  Attackers use what we call the three S system. Surprise, Speed and Savagery. It appears that the older man may have been walking away when he was struck to the back of the head.

What can you do in this situation to avoid being assaulted?

1. As always if you are ever in a confrontation situation STEP BACK.
2. In a situation where there is an availability of weapon (in this case a beer glass) DO NOT turn your back on the other person.
3. If you have become involved in an argument with another person try to sort it out and shake hands, maybe an apology is called for if you are in the wrong, remember don't fall victim to MPS.
4. Consider leaving the area especially if the situation is:
a. Unresolved
b. The other person is with a group of fiends.
c. The other person appears to have reminded aggressive or is intimidating you.
5. If leaving is not the preferred option remain alert, know where that other person is all at times.
6. Try to avoid being in a situation where you have you back open to attack. If you are standing at the bar for example remain alert to protect you back.
7. Avoid consuming to much alcohol, this will impede your ability to defend yourself.
8. Be very careful when leaving to avoid an ambush in the car park.

Remember most arguments that happen in pubs are clubs are very trivial matters and usually involve MPS, askyourself; is it worth fighting for, it is worth getting injured or worse for or is it worth getting arrested and potentially going to gaol for. If the answer is NO don't let MPS get in the way.

Check out our previous posts for advice on what to do if you defend yourself and get arrested.

The author of this post, Phil O’Brien is a solicitor with Sydney firm Teddington Legal and a martial arts instructor who has taught reality based self defence in Western Sydney for the past twenty five years, he has extensively studied both the physical and psychological elements of self defence.

Should you require the services of a solicitor in regard to the use of self defence or any other legal matters, Phil can be contacted at or via or directly on 0409 078 322


This is general information only; it does not replace advice from a qualified solicitor in your state or territory.  It is recommended that should require legal advice you should seek advice from a suitability qualified and experience legal practitioner in your state.

More details of the story from NSW Police media


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