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Established in Penrith since 1995 Bukido is an Australian Freestyle Martial Art system, which means it is a non-traditional combination of various combat systems, it was developed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Bukido means 'Spirit of the Martial Way'; BU - Martial pertaining to combat, KI - Spirit, DO - Way

Bukido can be best described as being a highly physical reality and street based system combining mainly, street fighting, karate, boxing, kickboxing and kung fu with elements of others forms such as 'Hapkido', 'Aikido', Krav Maga, grappling and various weapon forms. Above all Bukido is a reality based martial and self defence system.

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Bukido is practical, based upon years of actual street experience and unlike many other martial art schools, Bukido employs knowledge gained from areas such as health, exercise and fitness training, human physiology, psychology, conflict resolution, the law and sport specific training. Bukido also provides training and insight into the areas confrontational psychology, stress management, positive assertiveness and your rights and responsibilities under Australian state and federal law, in other words, we use anything that is useful or effective from anywhere, if it works, we use it. The key element is "improvise, adapt, overcome".

Bukido is not hard to learn and can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or current level of fitness. With determination and practice you can learn the art of Bukido and be able to protect yourself and those you care about in any situation.

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Bukido has something for everyone regardless of age, current level of fitness or motivation. Whether it is self defence, fitness, self confidence, or a new social activity.

Bukido utilised a belt based grading system from white to black belt. Click here to go to the Bukido download page where you can download the Bukido adult grading requirements (you will require a pdf reader) and also view Drill and technique videos.

If you want to challenge yourself even further Bukido has the Jet Black program and Bushido CRT for those who wish to take their martial art training to the next level.


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 What does Bukido offer you?

Street Effective Self Defence Training
Reality Based Martial Art Training
Classes for Men & Women.
Classes for Teenagers.
Classes for Kids.
Fitness Training.
Specialised Women's Self Defence Techniques.
Awareness Training.
Improved Self Confidence.
Combat Reality Training.
Black Belt Training Program.
Highly experienced male and female instructors.
No Contracts to sign.

First TWO weeks FREE

50% off first term fees for new members

At Bukido we have 4 goals

1. To teach direct effective self defence to help you to stay safe.
2. To help you to achieve your fitness or weight lose/maintenance goals.
3. To Help develop your self confidence.
4. To make new friends.

Classes are suitable for men and woman of all ages and teenagers. We have separate classes for children. You don't have to be fit to join, we will help you to reach you fitness goals with training designed to bring out the best in you.

If you currently go to the gym, play sports or are involved in any sort of fitness training Bukido can be an excellent addition to your training regimen. Not only will it assist you to achieve your fitness or weight lose goals faster, you will learn street effective self defence, gain self confidence and make new friends.

If you have never done any sort of self defence training we invite you to come along and try two weeks of FREE classes.

Contact us bukido@pfsd.net or on 0409 078 322
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